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AAJ Press: Legal Books and Multimedia

AAJ Press is proud to offer books and multimedia materials designed to meet the professional interests of plaintiff lawyers.

Our AAJ Press products by AAJ members will enhance your advocacy skills in areas like discovery tactics, compelling case presentations, and winning trial themes, and give you trial-tested tips in practice-specific areas like auto collisions, traumatic brain injury, nursing home abuse, and more. Our publications are authored by the best of the best, and many draw on AAJ’s rich archive of papers, audio, and video.

AAJ members receive discounts on AAJ Press/Thomson Reuters and AAJ Press/Trial Guides products. To view the discount codes, please log in, or contact AAJ Education at education@justice.org, (800) 622-1791, or (202) 965-3500, ext. 8612.

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Practice-Specific Books and Multimedia Materials

From automobile accidents to nursing home abuse, these practice-specific products will give you strategies to successfully represent your clients. 

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Bruce Hagen, Karen Koehler, Dr. Michael Freeman
AAJ Press/Thomson Reuters

This guide plus audio CD provides plaintiff’s attorneys with legal and medical guidance on handling minor impact soft tissue cases.​
Book: $567.00/Member Subscription Price: $425.25* 
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Advocacy Books and Multimedia Materials

Improve your advocacy skills by learning from trial masters on a wide range of topics from jury selection and opening statements to courtroom persuasion and closing arguments. 

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Focus Groups:
Hitting the Bull's-Eye

Phillip Miller & Paul Scoptur

Why don’t lawyers do focus groups? Too expensive; I know what the winning arguments are; I know my case; I don’t need to know what jurors think; I already know what jurors think. Really?

Unfortunately, this is the all-too-common mindset of many lawyers.

Phillip and Paul think differently. In the minds of many, doing focus groups is required in any substantial case. Unfortunately, the experience of working trial lawyers is that focus groups are often too expensive with results that are not generally helpful (beyond telling you that your case stinks). We discuss and dismiss the myths about focus group research and suggest approaches that get you the information you need without spending a fortune. Your comfort level with the process, economics, and outcomes will change radically.

The print book is available to preorder now for $119.99, plus $5 shipping. An e-book will be available soon.

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DavidvsGoliath1tn.pngDavid v. Goliath: ATLA and the Fight for Everyday Justice 
Richard S. Jacobson & Jeffrey R. White

An inspiring chronicle of AAJ’s (formerly ATLA®) many challenges and accomplishments, from its humble conception at a cocktail party in the fall of 1945 to its continuing fight to preserve our civil justice system, trial by jury, and the rights of Americans who have been injured through no fault of their own.

David v. Goliath may be viewed, downloaded, and printed at no cost (for personal use only) on the Pound Institute’s website.

Preventable Injury and Disease in America by Harry Philo

Harry Philo, who served as AAJ president from 1980-81, sought to educate lawyers about the importance of tort law and its impact on our society. After earning his law degree in 1959 while working on the assembly line at the Ford Rouge Plant, he was thoroughly committed to exposing and eliminating unreasonable privileges and immunities in the law.

Harry wrote Preventable Injury and Disease in America, which AAJ published in 1988. This gem of a book is written by a lawyer deeply committed to the elimination of what he called the “legal license to kill and maim.”  

Preventable Injury and Disease in America can be viewed, downloaded, and printed at no cost (for personal use only).