Professional Negligence Law Reporter

2017 May/June

Volume 28, No. 3

The Professional Negligence Law Reporter covers the latest legal developments concerning negligence by health care providers, accountants, lawyers, securities brokers, and many other professionals. It features verdicts, settlements, and court decisions. PNLR is published six times annually. Members also receive a monthly e-newsletter containing news stories, additional case reports, and links to recent articles published in the media and scholarly journals.


  • May 23, 2017
  • June 27, 2017


  • Claims against designer, builder of faulty school roof were time-barred

Assisted Living

  • Discovery clause in arbitration agreement does not invalidate agreement


  • Sexual abuse

Day Care

  • Adult assaults toddler


  • Extraction of wrong tooth


  • Trial court had discretion to dismiss plaintiff's suit without prejudice


  • Limitations period for malpractice claims begins to run when criminal client has been exonerated
  • Failure to apprise clients of refinance settlement offer
  • Failure to renew client's patient
  • Limitations period on criminal client's malpractice claim was not tolled by habeas corpus filing


  • Late diagnosis of lung cancer
  • Excessive administration of Etomidate
  • Negligent administration of anesthetic
  • Excessive lateral traction
  • Inadequate medical care at county detention facility
  • Surgeon who operated on incorrect level of patient's spine not liable for battery
  • Negligent performance of trigger point injection
  • Failure to properly monitor lithium levels
  • Negligent performance of hysterectomy
  • Failure to timely diagnose, treat blood clot
  • Negligent performance of cervical diskectomy, fusion
  • Failure to timely diagnose soft-tissue cancer
  • Late diagnosis of vitamin B1 deficiency
  • Failure to properly monitor infant's oxygen level
  • Anonymous, nonidentifying medical information is not absolutely privileged
  • Late diagnosis of spinal epidural abscess

Mental Health

  • Failure to prevent pretrial detainee's suicide

Nursing Home

  • Failure to provide bed alarm
  • Nursing home incident report was not privileged under Illinois quality assurance law
  • Failure to maintain hydration
  • Power of attorney form did not grant resident's son authority to sign arbitration agreement


  • Surgery center's awareness of podiatrist's prior drug addiction did not warrant liability