Products Liability Law Reporter

2017 December/2018 January

2017 December/2018 January

The Products Liability Law Reporter features verdicts, settlements, and court decisions in the field of products liability. It is published six times annually. Members also receive a monthly e-newsletter containing news stories, additional case reports, reports of government regulatory actions and product recalls, and links to recent articles published in the media and scholarly journals.


  • December 12, 2017

Commercial Products & Equipment

  • Lack of underride protection on forklift
  • Scaffold bracket fails, sending worker plummeting 20 feet
  • Software malfunction caused worker’s fatal fall from platform


  • Supreme Court nixes ‘sliding scale’ approach for specific jurisdiction
  • Second jury finds AbbVie misled consumers about ‘Low T’ drug’s risks

Industrial Products & Equipment

  • Bare-metal product makers may be liable for injuries from later-added asbestos
  • Insulation supplier failed to warn of fatal asbestos hazard


  • Jury holds RJR liable for smoker’s fatal laryngeal cancer


  • Defective rotor blade fails, causing fatal air ambulance crash
  • Nevada keeps consumer expectation test, rejects risk-utility test for products claims
  • Evidence was sufficient to show link between testing failure, driver’s paralyzing injury
  • GM failed to warn Suburban could shift from park to neutral without depressing brake