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Trial Magazine

2018 October—Cutting Through Secrecy

Volume 54, No. 10

This month, Trial explores ways to cut through secrecy to protect public safety. Read how to respond to overbroad protective orders, strategies for challenging blanket secrecy provisions in settlement agreements, a Q&A with House Judiciary Committee ranking member Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) on legislation to stop unjustified secrecy in the legal system, and more. Also: protecting the vote—why it matters and what you can do.

Theme articles

  • Break through protective orders
    April Strahan, Karen Kennedy, and Jacob Cukjati
  • Q&A: Speaking up, speaking out
    Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) Interview, by Mandy Brown
  • Rein in secret settlements
    Lori E. Andrus

Also Featured

  • The Brief October 2018
  • Cast & Counted: Volunteer to protect the right to vote
  • Cast & Counted: Question of the Month: What is the most memorable experience you've had related to voting?
  • Cast & Counted: Supreme Court Review: A constriction of voting rights
    Erwin Chemerinsky

President's Page

  • Make your vote count
    Elise R. Sanguinetti

Verdicts & Settlements

  • Improper repair of cracked walkway
  • Failure to provide adequate personnel in shaker room
  • Failure to call off police chase
  • Failure to remove hazardous tree
  • Distracted driving
  • Failure to protect child from mother’s abuse
  • Failure to test conductor for sleep apnea
  • Sexual abuse of teenager
  • Forklift operator failed to maintain proper lookout

On the Hill

  • Two sides of the coin
    Susan Steinman

Good Counsel

  • Beyond borders
    Corey G. Lorenz

Justice in Motion

  • From med neg to mass torts
  • Minority Caucus hits the hill


  • Bad-faith insurer had 'conscious disregard' for plaintiff with depression
    Kate Halloran


  • Winning Case Preparation: Understanding Jury Bias
    by David Bossart, Gregory Cusimano, Edward Lazarus, and David Wenner, Reviewed by Ashley B. Fournet


  • The lighter side of the law