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AAJ Exchange Value Plans

To better serve the needs and interests of AAJ plaintiff attorneys, the AAJ Exchange offers Value Plans to help you spend less. Whether you are looking for documents to help you win your next case of the resources for client intake and case preparation, the AAJ Exchange has it all. 

The benefits of the Value Plans include: 

Gold Plan Platinum Plan

The Gold Plan offers AAJ members significant discounts on Exchange products and services. For an annual fee of just $95, members receive:

  • 40% discount on Depositions and Court Documents
  • $100 discount on AAJ Exchange Legal Research Service 
  • $30 off the list price of Litigation Packets
  • 25% discount on CLE Materials
  • 33% to 40% discount on Law Reporter products
  • 10% discount on Bundles

The Platinum Plan provides AAJ members free products in most Exchange databases and substantial discounts on all other products. For an annual fee of $495, members receive:

  • Free Depositions, Court Documents, CLE Materials, Similar Matters, Law Reporter Injury Collections, and Law Reporter Case Abstracts Sets
  • $145 discount on AAJ Exchange Legal Research Service
  • $75 off the list price of Litigation Packets
  • 48% discount on Law Reporter Documents
  • 20% discount on Bundles

Contact the Exchange to start saving today!  

AAJ members can subscribe to a value plan here (login required).


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