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Each year, truck collisions account for more than 140,000 reported injuries requiring medical treatment away from the scene. Collisions involving truckers cause an average of 5,000 deaths every year. It is estimated that more people die in collisions with trucks than in collisions in planes, trains, ships, and buses combined. Causes of these collisions include excessive truck speed; poor driving; improperly loaded cargo; driver fatigue; equipment defects; truck design defects; and poor signing, maintenance, or roadway repair.

Members of the Trucking Litigation Group handle cases involving motor-carrier and owner-operator liability. The Group provides members the tools and resources necessary to successfully litigate their trucking cases. Group members network and discuss legal cases and strategies on the Group’s plaintiff-only list server and at regular meetings, including AAJ Conventions and Education seminars on trucking cases.


Group members handle cases involving motor-carrier and owner-operator liability. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations impose legal responsibility on trucking companies and motor carriers for a driver's negligent acts and omissions. The group was formed in 1990.

Benefits & Resources:

Members receive periodic mailings of new information and documents. The group also keeps a Document Library and assists members in identifying appropriate experts. It also has a list server.

Open to Regular, Sustaining, Life, Leaders Forum, and President's Club members
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