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Schools: Violence, Misconduct, and Safety


National press coverage of extreme examples of injury and death at schools and public campuses across the nation gives some insight into the range of issues facing children and families in school settings. Over the course of the decade, violence and other school-related wrongdoing have caused an unprecedented number of deaths and serious injury at all levels of public and private educational facilities. High profile incidents in Colorado, California, West Virginia and Kentucky have provided the nation with some insight into the problem of school violence, but those incidents tell only a tiny part of the larger story. Indeed, it is only as a result of the passage of the Jeanne Clery Act that the public has been able to begin obtaining accurate information about the number and nature incidents of violence and injury on campuses.

School tort is complex and the general purposes of the Schools: Violence, Misconduct, and Safety Litigation Group are:

1. to serve, to the extent possible, as a litigation support group for practicing trial lawyers in the handling of cases involving school related torts
2. to educate trial lawyers in school tort litigation
3. to fight for and promote the cause of persons who are victims of school violence or misconduct
4. to assist in the passage of legislation designed to make schools safer and to hold schools, administrators, and employees accountable for school torts
5. to promote the passage of meaningful statutes in all states; to work in defeating the passage of legislation designed to protect the interests of schools and grant them immunity from school torts
6. utilizing the law, to make schools safer and improve legal services to victims of school violence and other misconduct at public and private educational facilities from preschool through graduate programs


Formed February 2004.

Benefits & Resources:

The group will share documents such as industry documents, pleadings, key depositions, etc. Seminars focusing on resolving cases are planned. A list server and a document library for the group will be part of the resources available to the members.


AAJ Annual Convention.

Open to Regular, Sustaining, Life, Leaders Forum, and President's Club AAJ members.

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