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Herbicides and Pesticides


Exposure to pesticides has led to serious adverse health effects in alarming numbers. Individuals are exposed to pesticides both at home and in the work place. They are usually unaware of the adverse health effects, believing EPA registration has made these compounds "safe". FIFRA, the federal law regulating pesticides, is only a label registration law. Exposure can be by inhalation, ingestion, dermatological, or a combination thereof.


The group started as the Chlordane/Heptachlor Litigation Group, working to set up a database with the National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides. In the process of achieving the goal of a federal ban on these organo chlorines, it became apparent to the group that other organo chlorines, as well as organo phosphates, and other pesticides were also causing serious adverse health effects. Many times these effects were caused by long term low dose chronic exposures, as well as acute exposures. Most of the compounds are neuro toxic, and many are carcinogenic.

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Members network and share ideas, theories, and strategies. Extensive discovery on individual defendants and toxicological data bases may be shared.


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