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Gas Fire & Explosions


The Gas Fire and Explosion Litigation Group provides AAJ members with information to effectively prepare a gas (natural gas, propane gas, gasoline, etc.) fire or explosion case from investigation through trial. The group provides members with information concerning: (1) the inherent dangers associated with flammable liquids and gases; (2) the inherent dangers of gas appliances and equipment; (3) the applicable codes, standards and regulations; (4) development of various theories of liability; and (5) important aspects of developing and presenting damages.


The group was formed in 1986 to educate members on issues associated with L.P. gas and to lend support on cases involving equipment and appliances using L.P. gas, such as water heaters, furnaces, and valves. The group changed its name to the Gas, Fire and Explosion Litigation Group in September 1995 to reflect the ext. of the group's focus from L.P. gas fires and explosions, to all gas (natural, L.P., gasolines etc.) fires and explosions. Group members have had a significant impact on the gas industry, improving the safety of gas consumers and much needed improvements in gas appliances.

Benefits & Resources:

The group keeps a repository of information on various products, including defective appliances and equipment, water heaters, furnaces, valves, as well as the applicable codes, standards and regulations, which are frequently violated. Testimony of employees of gas companies, manufacturers of products and their expert witnesses are also kept in the repository.

Members can receive guidance on how to investigate the accident scene, experts to hire, how to preserve evidence, what tests to conduct, theories of liability and how to effectively present testimony about burn injuries, related damages, and trial strategy.


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