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Chiropractic Malpractice


The Chiropractic Malpractice Litigation Group is for sharing ideas, information, pleadings, research, expert witness information, transcripts and more, related to the prosecution of this unique form of malpractice. The injuries most strongly associated with chiropractic malpractice are brain traumas due to vascular injury occurring from high velocity upper cervical manipulation.

High Velocity Upper Cervical Manipulation is a widely used chiropractic therapy that causes stroke by tearing or kinking the inside (intima) of the vertebral and/or carotid arteries which in turn causes clots to form that break off and shoot into the brain. Mild cognitive deficits to quadriplegia (locked-in syndrome) and death are the result.

The incidence chiropractic induces stroke is reported to be between 1 in 400,000 (conclusions reached by neurologists) and 1 in 5.8 million (conclusions research by chiropractors). These conclusions are inaccurate due to under reporting because the research is retrospective.

Chiropractors resist providing stroke related information to potential patients on the grounds that the risk of stroke is too remote. As chiropractic schools turn out more practitioners and as consumers seek more holistic and “wellness” care, we see the numbers of cervical manipulation related strokes rising.


The Chiropractic Malpractice Litigation Group formed in July 2008 at the AAJ Annual Convention.

Benefits & Resources:

The Chiropractic Litigation Group provides members with resources including access to list server and a Document Library containing complaints, other pleadings, affirmative defenses, chiropractors insurance policies, defendant’s offered “confidentiality agreements” (to always be avoided), form discovery requests, deposition transcripts, trial transcripts, expert resumes, scientific literature, news articles, medical videos, case studies, etc.


In addition to meeting during the Annual Summer Convention and Winter Convention, the Chiropractic Malpractice Litigation Group will hold scheduled conference calls to keep members updated with breaking news, recent developments, and litigation status.

Limited exclusively to Plaintiffs’ Attorneys that are Regular, Sustaining, Life, Leaders Forum, and President's Club members.
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