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Elevator & Escalator Injury


Defectively designed and/or negligently inspected and maintained elevators and escalators cause thousands of injuries every year, some of them fatal. Elevators and escalators perform simple functions, but they are complex machines. Personal injury claims involving them include unique issues.

Elevator and escalator injury cases often involve claims of negligent manufacturing, defective design, lack of proper installation, negligent maintenance, negligent inspection and/or improper installation. Defendants in such cases can include manufacturers, component parts manufacturers, premises owners, maintenance contractors, installers and/or inspection contractors.


The Elevator & Escalator Injury Litigation Group was formed in 2019. 

Benefits & Resources:

This Litigation Group will act as a resource for members handling claims involving injuries due to elevators and/or escalators. Litigation Group members will have access to expert witness information, the Elevator & Escalator Injury Litigation Group Document Library, and the Litigation Group’s listserv. The Litigation Group will serve to coordinate litigation strategy, including causes of action and establishing liability effectively, and will hold meetings and educational programs throughout the year.


The group meets at AAJ Annual and Winter conventions.

The group is limited to Regular, Life, Sustaining, Leader Forum, and President's Club AAJ member plaintiff's counsel only.

Laura L. Voght
Cash Krugler Frederick
5447 Roswell Road, N
Atlanta, GA 30342
(404) 659-1710

Annual dues of $200 per member.