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Viagra has been aggressively marketed to more than 30 million men to treat erectile dysfunction and to improve sexual performance since it was first approved for sale in 1998. A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association online on April 7, 2014 found that the use of Viagra (sildenafil citrate) by men to treat erectile dysfunction can result in an increased risk of melanoma or skin cancer. Six percent of the study's participants, who were men who were prescribed Viagra for erectile dysfunction, were affected. Currently, the label for Viagra does not carry a warning for this adverse outcome.

The ED Drugs/Melanoma Litigation Group ensures that all plaintiff lawyers prosecuting claims on behalf of men who have been injured by erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra have access to the most current and accurate information and documents regarding the medical literature, general and specific causation, regulatory issues, and the status of all ongoing litigation.


This Litigation Group was formed in May 2014.

Benefits & Resources:

The ED Drugs/Melanoma Litigation Group has a secure, members-only list server and document library where members can share pertinent information and documents regarding the litigation. The ED Drugs/Melanoma Litigation Group holds regular meetings that are closed to members only for the purpose of discussing current cases and important updates.


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