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Price-fixing cartels and other anticompetitive conduct forces consumers and small businesses to pay more for goods and services than they would have to in a competitive market. While criminal government enforcement is active, additional private enforcement is needed to prevent corporations from profiting from their illegal conduct, recover overcharges for consumers, and restore consumer confidence in the competitive marketplace.

The Antitrust Litigation Group will provide members with information regarding developments in antitrust law and antitrust class action litigation across jurisdictions. The Antitrust Litigation Group will provide antitrust practitioners with the opportunity to work closely with AAJ on a variety of issues. 


This Litigation Group was formed in July 2014.

Benefits & Resources:

The Antitrust Litigation Group has a list server and a document library where members can share information, documents, and pertinent information as well as holds education programs.


AAJ Annual and Winter Conventions, or as needed by group members.

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