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The civil justice system is designed to give Americans a voice to obtain justice when injured by the negligence or misconduct of others. When big business delays claims, produces unsafe products, pollutes the environment, we must hold them accountable.

AAJ is a unique organization. We fight to preserve, protect, and advocate for a civil justice system that provides this accountability. By contributing a sum certain or percentage of your fees to the Evergreen Fund, you join our fight to protect the civil justice system.  The Evergreen Fund supports AAJ’s efforts to develop and implement initiatives that protect and shape the future of the civil justice system and preserve the right to trial by jury.

The Evergreen Fund represents a sustainable approach to growing AAJ’s resources to succeed in its mission. The Evergreen Fund will create a stronger and more broadly reaching AAJ—on Capitol Hill and nationally.

To contribute to the Evergreen Fund, please contact us at Evergreen.Fund@justice.org or call 202-944-2821.

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800.424.2725, ext. 2821 or 202.944.2821