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Focus Groups: Hitting the Bull's-Eye

Phillip Miller & Paul Scoptur
AAJ Press

Why don’t lawyers do focus groups? Too expensive; I know what the winning arguments are; I know my case; I don’t need to know what jurors think; I already know what jurors think. Really?

Unfortunately, this is the all-too-common mindset of many lawyers.

Phillip and Paul think differently. In the minds of many, doing focus groups is required in any substantial case. Unfortunately, the experience of working trial lawyers is that focus groups are often too expensive with results that are not generally helpful (beyond telling you that your case stinks). The authors discuss and dismiss the myths about focus group research and suggest approaches that get you the information you need without spending a fortune. Your comfort level with the process, economics, and outcomes will change radically.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction

  • Chapter 1  Our Assumptions About Proof Often Are Wrong 

  • Chapter 2  Here Is What Jurors Want to Know 

  • Chapter 3  Bringing Creativity and Critical Thinking Into Your Cases

  • Chapter 4  Focus Group Practices That Provide Reliable Insights

  • Chapter 5  Developing Research Questions That Will Make a Difference

  • Chapter 6  The Types of Focus Groups to Consider

  • Chapter 7  Framing Your Focus Group Questions

  • Chapter 8  Errors in Question Structure and Phrasing

  • Chapter 9  Metaphor Elicitation and the Subconscious Mind

  • Chapter 10 Using Focus Groups to Find Case Themes

  • Chapter 11  Moderating Focus Groups

  • Chapter 12  Recruiting the Right Focus Group Participants

  • Chapter 13 The Mechanics of Setting Up Focus Groups

  • Chapter 14  Analyzing the Data

  • Conclusion

  • Bibliography

  • Appendix

For help ordering the book, call (800) 622-1791 or (202) 965-3500, ext. 8612