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AAJ Voter Protection Action Committee


Are you a lawyer, paralegal, or law student? 

AAJ’s Voter Protection Action Committee (VPAC) is counting on you and your colleagues to help protect the rights of voters who might otherwise have their right to vote denied. AAJ is coordinating with national organizations to identify all lawyers, paralegals, and law students who can be poll monitors or call center volunteers.


We need poll monitors because every Election Day American’s face obstacles to voting. Several polling problems occurred during this year’s primaries.


  • Inside Polling Locations:

A poll monitor is entitled to observe polling place practices and procedures during all voting hours. Poll monitors may not disrupt the election process, however they may take action if they observe something to be in violation of voters’ rights.

  • Outside Polling Locations:

Poll monitors work outside polling locations on Election Day to greet voters, answer questions and report problems. They keep an eye out for voters in distress, record problems, and do their best to make sure that all eligible voters are able to cast a ballot.

  • Call Center Volunteer:

Answer voters’ questions and respond to issues though the 866-OUR-VOTE hotline

Sign up below to be a VPAC Volunteer. All volunteers will be trained either in person or via webinar prior to Election Day. Trainings are conducted by our coalition partners based on the state you volunteer. In particular we are looking for people to help work or travel in the following target states:  Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Virginia.

Questions? Contact Durete Thompson, State Affairs Coordinator at durete.thompson@justice.org