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Burn Injury


Accidents involving burn injuries as a result of unsafe products or negligence can happen to anyone and often involve complex issues of liability and damages. Evidence which goes up in smoke or witnesses too shocked to remember the accident scenario, require detailed analysis and investigation.

AAJ members would benefit from having a source of shared information concerning many types of burn accidents. Just some of these accidents include:

Industrial fires caused by chemicals, defective equipment, etc.;
Clothing cases, where suppliers of uniforms in an industrial setting should have recommended flame resistant uniforms;
House fires caused by the internal failure of various household appliances, such as clothes dryers and electrical heaters;
House fires caused by cigarettes (fire-safe cigarettes are just now becoming available, although the cigarette industry has been aware of this technology for decades);
Smoke detectors which fail to activate until smoke becomes thick;
Household and industrial chemicals which have inadequate warnings;
Cars with improperly placed gasoline tanks.

(This list does not include electrical accidents or tap water accidents, since litigation groups for these accidents already exist).

Serious burns are complex injuries. To adequately represent a burn survivor, an attorney must become familiar with the procedures to treat burns, the various therapies, and the care available beyond acute care. Even the psychological recovery for a burn survivor is unique, with a typical burn survivor going through certain stages of adaptation particular to the injury. This group will share exhibits, video footage of burn procedures, medical articles, etc. to help explain and demonstrate this excruciating injury.

Most importantly, this Group could help organize an effort to prevent burn injuries by making prevention a part of every case.

Benefits & Resources:

The group will share documents such as industry documents, pleadings, key depositions, etc. Seminars focusing on resolving cases are planned. A list server and a document library for the group will be part of the resources available to the members.


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