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AAJ Amicus Briefs

Case Name Issue

Rublee v. Pfizer, No. 94732-5 (Wash. March 30, 2018)

Apparent Manufacturer Liability

Mitchell v. Shikora, No. 55 WAP 2017 (Pa. March 9, 2018)

Medical Malpractice

China Agritech, Inc. v. Resh, No. 17-432 (U.S. Feb. 28, 2018)

Equitable Tolling

Dolin v. GlaxoSmithKline, LLC., No. 17-3030 (7th Cir. Feb. 28, 2018)

Product Liability

Oregon State Univ. v. Superior Court, No. S245981 (Cal. Jan. 19, 2018) (Amicus Letter)

Full Faith and Credit

Sikkelee v. Precision Airmotive Corporation, No. 17-3006 (3rd Cir. Feb. 1, 2018)

Conflict Preemption

Correa v. Walgreens, No. SJC-12409 (Mass. Jan. 12, 2018) 

Pharmacy Duty to Warn of no Insurance Coverage

In re Asbestos Trust (Ramsey)​, No. 305,2017 (Del. Nov. 20, 2017)

Duty to Warn

NLRB v. Murphy Oil, USA, Inc., No. 16-307 (U.S. Aug. 16, 2017)

Class-Action Ban

In re Motions Seeking Access to 2019 Statements, No. 16-1078 (D. Del. Aug. 8, 2017)

Countering Distortions (about Asbestos Litigation)

Chamber of Commerce v. Dep't of Labor, No. 17-10238 (5th Cir. July 6, 2017)

Forced Arbitration

Owens v. Paribas, No. 17-703 (D.C. Cir. Jun. 19, 2017)


Carron v. Rosenthal, No. SU15-0212 (R.I. May 10, 2017)


Aspen American Insurance Co. v. Interstate Warehousing, Inc., No. 121281 (Ill. Apr. 11, 2017)


Bristol-Myers Squibb v. Superior Court, No. 16-466 (U.S. Apr. 7, 2017)


BNSF Ry. Co. v. Tyrell, No. 16-405 (U.S. Apr. 5, 2017)


Warren v. Shelter Mut. Ins. Co., No. 2016-C-1647 (La. Mar. 01, 2017)

Admiralty Punitive Damages

Coventry Health Care of Missouri, Inc, v. Nevils, No. 16-149 (U.S. Jan. 24, 2017)

State Anti-Subrogation Law Preemption

Kindred Nursing Centers Ltd v. Clark, No. 16-32 (U.S. Jan. 13, 2017)

Forced Arbitration

Gingras ex rel Gingras v. Think Finance Inc., No. 16-2019-cv (2d Cir. Jan. 06, 2017)

Forced Arbitration

Ziglar v. Ahmer Iqbal Abassi, No. 15-1358 (U.S. Dec. 13, 2016)

Pleading Standard

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans v. Perez, No. 16-cv-03289  (D. Minn. Dec. 09, 2016)

Class-Action Ban

T.H. v. Novartis Pharmaceuticals. Corp., No. S233898 (Cal. Nov. 29, 2016)


Lewis v. Clarke, No. 15-1500 (U.S. Nov. 21, 2016)

Sovereign Immunity

Robinson v. Pfizer, Inc., No. 16-2524 (8th Cir. Nov. 15, 2016)


Waite v. All Acquisition, Corp., No. 16-15569 (11th Cir. Oct. 19, 2016)


Jeffs v. ANCO Insulations, Inc., No. 5-15-529 (Ill. App. Ct. Oct. 14, 2016)


Estate of Becker v. Forward Technology Industries, Inc., No. 92972-6 (Wash. Sept. 23, 2016)

Federal Aviation Act Preemption

Lightfoot v Cendant Mortgage Corp., No. 14-1055 (U.S. Aug. 23, 2016)


Batterton v. Dutra Grp., No. 15-56775 (9th Cir. Jun. 24, 2016)

Punitive Damages under Admiralty Law

Sells v. CSX, No. SC15-1639 (Fla. Jun. 16, 2016)

Federal Employer’s Liability Act (FELA)

Bifolck v. Philip Morris, Inc., S.C. 19310 (Conn. Jun. 07, 2016)

Product Liability/Tort Reform

Loos v. BNSF Ry. Co., No 15-3355 (8th Cir. May 31, 2016)

Federal Employer’s Liability Act (FELA)

Taylor v. Extendicare Health Facilities, Inc., No. 19 WAP 2015 (Pa. Feb. 05, 2016)

Forced Arbitration

Tyson Foods, Inc. v. Bouapheakeo, No. 14-1146 (U.S. Sept. 09, 2015)

Jury Verdict Deference; Class Certification

Spokeo, Inc., v. Robins, No. 13-1339 (U.S. Sept. 08, 2015)


Montenile v. Bd. Nat'l. Elevator Indus. Benefit Plan, No. 14-723 (U.S. Jul. 13, 2015)


Pysarenko v. Carnival  Corp., No. 14-1004 (U.S. Mar. 23, 2015)

Forced Arbitration

McBride v. Estis Well Serv., No. 14-761 (U.S. Jan. 29, 2015)

Punitive Damages under Admiralty Law

Sikkelee v. Precision Airmotive, Corp., No. 14-4193 (3d Cir. Jan. 14, 2015)

Federal Aviation Act Preemption

Reeps v. BMW of North America, LLC, No. APL-2014-00215 (N.Y. Dec. 11, 2014)

Admissibility of Expert Testimony

Security Nat'l Bank v. Jones Day, No. 14-3006 (8th Cir. Dec. 10, 2014)

Discovery Abuse

U.S. v. Wong, No. 13-1074 (U.S. Nov. 12, 2014)

Statute of Limitation Tolling

Reckis v. Johnson & Johnson, No. SJC-11677 (Mass. Nov. 11, 2014)

Food & Drug Administration Law Preemption
Wert v. Manocare, LLC, No. 62 MAP 2014 (Pa. Oct. 31, 2014)
Forced Arbitration

Sergeants Benevolent Ass'n Health & Welfare Fund v. Sanofi-Aventis, LLP, No. 14-2318 (2d Cir. Oct. 21, 2014) 

Class Certification
Warger v. Shauers, No.13-517 (U.S. Aug. 12, 2014)

Fed. R. Evidence 606(b) Admissibility of Juror Testimony

Izzarelli v. RJ Reynolds Tobacco, Co.,No. S.C. 19232 (Conn. July 15, 2014)

Strict Liability

CSX Transportation, Inc. v Pierce, No. 13-2235 (4th Cir. Mar. 03, 2014)

RICO Abuse
In re Johnson & Johnson, No. 130627 (10th Cir. Feb. 12, 2014

Westphal v. City of St. Petersburg, No. SC13-1930 (Fla. Jan. 13, 2014)

Disability Benefits