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Smith and Nephew Metal Hips

Smith & Nephew Litigation Group focuses on defects related to the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) device. The BHR device, which consists of a femoral head and acetabular cup component, may rub together as the hip joint moves, creating metal-on-metal friction and corrosion inside the body. As a result, patients often suffer an adverse local tissue reaction or adverse reaction to metal debris. The damaged tissue can then cause implant loosening, and ultimately device failure, resulting in a revision surgery.
This Litigation Group assists attorneys by providing updates as to the litigation status and helps attorneys evaluate potential cases involving Smith & Nephew products and preparing for litigation.

This Litigation Group was established in 2017. 

Benefits & Resources:
The Smith & Nephew Litigation Group provides a forum for lawyers litigating cases to share knowledge, strategies, and educational resources. The Litigation Group has a secure, members-only list server and document library where members can share pertinent information and documents regarding the litigation. This Litigation Group holds regular meetings that are closed to members only to discuss current cases and important updates. 

AAJ Annual and Winter Conventions, or as need by group members.

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