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Forced Air Warming Blankets


Forced air warming blankets, together with relevant components and systems, are used to keep surgical patients warm intraoperatively. The vast majority of these devices are marketed under the registered trademark Bair Hugger®, and are designed, manufactured, and sold by 3M Company, Arizant Healthcare Group, Inc.

The Bair Hugger devices were invented by Dr. Augustine, an anesthesiologist from Minnesota. Dr. Augustine and others have since determined that the use of forced air warming to prevent intraoperative hypothermia disrupts the airflow in the operating room in such a way that pathogens present in a non-sterile room are carried by the Bair Hugger products into the surgical field, resulting in a significant increase in the rate of peri-prosthetic joint infections in total joint replacement surgical patients.

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Formed in 2015, the Forced Air Warming Blanket Litigation Group provides a forum for collaboration and cooperation among lawyers who represent injured claimants and a centralized repository of information, including medical literature and sample pleadings for the group’s members.

Benefits & Resources:

The Group hosts meetings at the AAJ Annual and Winter Conventions and provides tools and resources for members to successfully litigate their cases. Group members network and discuss legal issues and strategies on the Group's plaintiff-only list server and at regular meetings, including AAJ Conventions and Education seminars.

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