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Fluoroquinolone (FLQ)


Fluoroquinolones (FLQs) are a class of broad-spectrum antibiotics that are used to treat a wide range of infections. These drugs cause a severely painful, disabling, and irreversible form of nerve damage known as peripheral neuropathy. In August 2014, an epidemiological study was published in the Journal of Neurology that found the risk of peripheral neuropathy doubled for users of fluoroquinolones. Based on the data in this study, it is estimated that there are thousands of individuals who have developed peripheral neuropathy as a result of taking fluoroquinolones.

The Fluoroquinolone (FLQs) Litigation Group provides a forum for AAJ members to meet and share information regarding their investigation of FLQs, discuss litigation strategies to ensure a consistent approach is taken, develop a cohesive approach regarding the choice of a multidistrict venue, and pool resources in order to better respond to anticipated defenses. 


This Litigation Group was formed in October 2014.

Benefits & Resources:

The Fluoroquinolone (FLQ) Litigation Group has a members-only list server and a document library where members can share information, documents, and pertinent information as well as holds education programs.


AAJ Annual and Winter Conventions, or as needed by group members.

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