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Anti-Human Trafficking


Recent studies have shown that global human trafficking has resulted in annual profits of $44.3 billion, causing harm to anywhere from 12 to 20 million victims internationally. Criminal cases often fail to recover enough, if any, damages to cover the future needs of victims; civil claims will compliment government resources by threatening the monetary incentive to traffic people. This Litigation Groups focuses on the representation of human trafficking victims--both victims of labor and sex trafficking--and addresses all aspects of civil litigation. This Group aims to promote networking among attorneys already engaged in human trafficking litigation, as well as promote the practice to those naturally inclined to represent victims. This Litigation Group will host an annual CLE conference that will feature plaintiffs' attorneys, law enforcement, and victims' rights organizations.


This Litigation Group was formed in February 2015.

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List Serv, document library, CLE Programs, annual conference

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Gregory M. Zarzaur
Greg Zarzaur
Zarzaur Law LLC
2332 Second Ave. North
Birmingham, AL 35203
Phone: 205/983-7985
$150 annually