Friends of Justice

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Friends of Justice 

Friends of Justice was launched in February 2003 for companies that want to contribute to AAJ's fight against tort "reform."

The Friends of Justice are staunch supporters of the civil justice system, and they stand beside you as you fight for the rights of your clients in the face of anti-consumer initiatives in Washington and in the states. 

Interested in becoming a Friend of Justice or recruiting a colleague?

Please support our Friends!

Contribute $60,000 per year

Counsel Financial Services, LLC
6400 Main Street
Suite 120
Williamsville, NY 14221
Tel: 800.820.4430
Fax: 716.568.0266
Web site:

Counsel Financial Services provides litigators with flexible revolving credit lines up to $25 million using the value of your contingent cases as collateral. Today, we are the largest provider of attorney funding in the United States and the only Law Firm Financing company endorsed by AAJ.

Contribute $12,000 per year

The Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA)
800 West Sixth Street
Suite 700
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Tel: 213.487.1212
Fax: 213.487.1224
Web site:

The Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (formerly known as the Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Association) was formed in 1949 and today is the largest local association of plaintiffs' attorneys in the United States. The Association educates, connects, assists and advocates for its nearly 3,000 members.

FORGE Consulting, LLC
11 Depot Street
Hartwell, GA 30643
Tel: 706-856-2535
Fax: 706-856-2537
Web site:

FORGE Consulting, LLC (“Forge”)[i] is a settlement planning firm, licensed to provide professional services in all 50 states. As advocates for plaintiffs, we create balanced settlement plans for those that are set to receive settlement money. Once we fully understand each plaintiff’s needs and exposures, we establish solutions that incorporate concepts and products from the insurance, trust, cash management, Medicare Set Asides, investment advisory[ii] and healthcare industries. Our business model forces competition in every area of the settlement planning process, which in turn demands that we fully explain the pros and cons of each recommendation to you. The team at Forge is also well versed in government benefits preservation and we understand the importance of these benefits to our clients’ future. We take great pride in not only educating our clients about their settlement options, but also making sure that all of our clients fully understand their current government benefits eligibility standards and how those benefits can often be affected by the receipt of settlement monies.

[i] Forge Consulting, LLC is a licensed insurance agency. Forge is not licensed to provide tax advice nor can we provide legal or tax services of any kind. While the services provided by Forge relate to the practice of law and tax, these services shall not be interpreted or relied upon as legal or tax advice of any kind. Our website is

[ii] Not all services mentioned are offered by or through FORGE. Investment advisory services are made available through registered/licensed representatives of Advocacy Wealth Management Services, LLC (“AWMS”). “AWMS” is a federally registered investment adviser and is affiliated with FORGE.

To find out how to become or recruit a Friend of Justice, call 202.944.2868 or e-mail:

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