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Access List Servers and Archives 

The following is a complete list of all List Servers their respective e-mail addresses. To view archived messages, please go to the Available Lists page. Please note that, before you can reply to or post a message to a List Server, you first must make sure you are subscribed to that particular List Server. To do so, please visit the Subscribe/Unsubscribe to Lists page. If the box next to a List Server is checked, then you are subscribed to that list. If not, then please check the boxes of the List Servers you wish to join. Access to some lists may require purchase of section or other memberships. For more information on how to post messages, please read the List Servers FAQ.

Please note: As part of the change to American Association for Justice (AAJ), we have updated all the list e-mail addresses to correspond to The new list e-mail address will be <listname>

In order to receive list emails from, you may need to add the domain addresses and to your “safe-list,” “white-list,” or address book. This will ensure that emails from do not “bounce off” any filters in place by your company or Internet Service Provider.

If you have any concerns or questions please e-mail us at

List Server E-mail Address
Admiralty Law Section
Aviation Law Section
Civil Rights Section
Commercial Litigation Section
Criminal Law Section
Employment Rights Section
Family Law Section
Federal Tort Liability and Military Advocacy Section
Insurance Section
International Practice Section
Motor Vehicle Collision, Highway and Premises Liability Section
Products Liability Section
Professional Negligence Section
Railroad Law Section
Sole Practitioner and Small Firm Section
Social Security Disability Section
Workers' Compensation and Workplace Injury Section
Expert Witness Forum Feedback Forum
Legal Technology Forum
Macintosh Forum
Medical Malpractice Forum
AAJ Members Meeting Room
Transportation Law Forum
Minority Caucus
New Lawyers Division
Paralegal Members
Republican Members
Student Members
Women's Caucus

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