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Share Your Documents 

Earn Credit!

Earn $5 Exchange credit for each document posted to the AAJ Exchange.  No limit!

"Sending your case documents to the Exchange is simple… Our staff is directed to send each expert deposition to the Exchange as soon as it comes into the office. We believe that depositions and other relevant documents should be sent as soon as possible rather then after the case is over to insure that the Exchange has up-to-date information."

—Jim Leventhal
Denver, CO
AAJ Member since 1982

Help build the largest document database of plaintif attorneys in the United States.

Guidelines on Sharing Your Documents 

  • Email: send documents to
  • Online: Contribute your documents now.
  • Mail: AAJ accepts documents in any electronic format. We will then convert your materials to searchable PDFs.  Send paper transcripts or electronic media (CDs, diskettes, thumb drives) to:

    AAJ Exchange
    777 6th Street, Suite 200
    Washington, DC 20001

Everything you contribute is always available to you free of charge at MyAAJ.

Reminder: It is the attorney's responsibility and duty to obtain client consent before sending documents to the Exchange that may contain individual medical or health related or other personal client information.

Questions? Contact the AAJ Exchange:
800-344-3023 or 202-965-3500, ext. 8615

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