David v. Goliath

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David v. Goliath 

David v. Goliath: ATLA and the Fight for Everyday Justice
by Richard S. Jacobson & Jeffrey R. White

First published in a hardcover edition in 2004, David v. Goliath chronicles a half-century of ATLA’s challenges and accomplishments, from its humble conception at a cocktail party in the fall of 1945 to its continuing fight to preserve our civil justice system, trial by jury, and the rights of Americans who have been injured through no fault of their own.

The book tells of the struggles and accomplishments of an organization that works to make justice a reality for ordinary Americans in their everyday lives. Starting as a small band of lawyers for injured workers, the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA) (now the American Association for Justice (AAJ)) built the nation’s premier program for educating lawyers who represent people. At the same time, ATLA established its mission of preserving Americans’ constitutional right to trial by jury. As a result, ordinary citizens have prevented countless injuries and deaths by holding accountable those who ignore safety. When special interests lobbied against accountability, ATLA spoke up for workers and consumers in legislatures and courts across America.

The story recounts ATLA’s challenges, setbacks, and victories. It tells of the dedicated men and women who built and guided ATLA for more than half a century, inspiring those who will carry the fight for everyday justice for all Americans into the future. The book is filled with the names and exploits of America’s trial lawyers, both the famous and the unsung.

David v. Goliath may be viewed, downloaded, and printed at no cost (for personal use only) on the Pound Institute’s website at http://www.poundinstitute.org/davidvgoliath.aspx. Copyright © Jeffrey R. White and the Estate of Richard S. Jacobson.

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