Latest U.S. Chamber PR Stunt Puts Corporate Greed Over American Families

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Latest U.S. Chamber PR Stunt Puts Corporate Greed Over American Families 

For Immediate Release: July 28, 2008

Contact:  Ray De Lorenzi
202-965-3500, x369

Washington, DC—A U.S. Chamber of Commerce front group today announced a multi-million dollar public relations stunt that puts big corporations ahead of American families.

The new assault distorts the truth about pro-civil justice and consumer reforms being considered in the 110th Congress.

During this Congressional session, AAJ has worked to:

  • keep unsafe foreign toys off store shelves to protect children;
  • remove deadly asbestos from common household products such as roof tiles, insulation, crayons, and duct tape;
  • eliminate secrecy agreements that hide the truth about unsafe products;
  • abolish mandatory binding arbitration that eliminates Americans’ access to courts; and,
  • prevent corporations from defrauding the government while tying the hands of whistleblowers.

“U.S. Chamber is using a million dollar smokescreen to hide from being on the wrong side of these issues,” said AAJ CEO Jon Haber.  “U.S. Chamber had to choose between corporate greed and American families.  It’s obvious who their pick is.”

Additionally, U.S. Chamber claims the U.S. legal system costs American families $3,200 a year—yet another lie.  The figure comes from insurance industry-consulting firm Tillinghast Towers-Perrin; BusinessWeek called it a “wild exaggeration” and Congressional Quarterly said the study was “sketchy at best.”  Tillinghast even admitted that the study was used “in a way that’s probably misleading.” also criticized U.S. Chamber when they used the figure in an ad campaign.

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