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Helping You Make a Difference, One Case at a Time.

With relentless attacks on the civil justice system, the role of the trial lawyer has never been more critical. Without the American Association for Justice (AAJ), formerly the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA®), continued fight to ensure that every person can seek justice and hold wrongdoers accountable for negligence on a level playing field in the courtroom, the scales of justice remain unbalanced. As a member of AAJ, you play a meaningful role in the fight for civil justice while empowering yourself to most effectively represent your client against even the most powerful interests. 

The Fight for Justice

AAJ fights daily to protect the civil justice system against corporations and powerful individuals. There is strength in numbers and your membership enables AAJ to continue fighting for justice for all Americans on Capitol Hill and in the courts of public opinion while you fight for justice for your clients in the courtroom.

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Benefits You Can Put Into Practice

Membership in AAJ offers you a myriad of benefits to help you successfully represent your clients and save you money. You will have access to a large, dynamic community of practitioners who willingly share their knowledge, insight and experience.  Enhance your legal knowledge and learn trial techniques, tips, and strategies to achieve a just outcome for your clients by attending one of AAJ's Continuing Legal Education programs or by participating in one of AAJ's List Servers, Sections, and Litigation Groups

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AAJ Members: A Common Mission

AAJ members are a diverse group of practitioners - lawyers, paralegals, law professors, law students and graduates - standing together to ensure the door of justice remain open for every American. Members are experienced and new to the profession; Democrats, Republicans and Independents; women and men; urban, rural and international.

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