The Jury Bias Model 2™: Applying the Principles from Discovery to Closing

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The Jury Bias Model 2™: Applying the Principles from Discovery to Closing 

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March 30, 2012 - March 31, 2012
Aria Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas, NV

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AAJ’s Blue Ribbon Committee and the Juror Bias Model™ incorporated cutting-edge research to help AAJ members understand the rising tide of juror prejudice. Today, trial lawyers face a jury pool that is more informed—and wary—of lawsuits, liabilities, and trial lawyers. Well-funded tort “reform” campaigns, sensationalized reporting, and political scare tactics have implanted biases in potential jurors, making them reluctant to award fair damages to your clients. This seminar will teach you how to overcome decision makers’ biases including jurors, judges, opposing counsel, and mediators. The faculty will also keep you abreast of current trends and research, and how these perceptions impact your cases. 

CLE Credits: 12.6

Friday, March 30, 2012

Science of Decision Making and Jury Bias Model 2™
• How psychological science can help us frame our cases
• The evolution of the Jury Bias Model 2
• Moral psychology and its impact on jury decision making
• Using metaphor unconsciously to tell the trial story
  Gregory S. Cusimano, AL
  David A. Wenner, AZ  
The Jury Bias Model 2™:  Identifying and Utilizing the Untried Issues
• Preventing the untried issues from destroying your case
• Suspicion/mistrust
• Victimization
• Personal responsibility
  Gregory S. Cusimano, AL
  David A. Wenner, AZ 

Networking Lunch

Integrating OJB Principles into Your Trial Practice
• Case Selection
• Mediation and Arbitration
• Trial Strategy
  James B. Lees, Jr., WV

The Importance of Bias Concepts in Discovery       
  Lance M. Sears, CO 
Using the Model in Direct and Cross        
  Robert C. Sullivan, MO

Constructing the Trial Story
  James B. Lees, Jr., WV

Anchoring and Framing 
  Gregory S. Cusimano, AL
  David A. Wenner, AZ 

Networking Reception

Saturday, March 31

Applying the Jury Bias Model 2™: The Science

Focus Group Demos
  James B. Lees, Jr., WV

Using the Moral Psychology to Increase Blame
  David A. Wenner, AZ 

Group Session on Identifying the Untried Issues in Participant Cases

Group Session on Reframing Your Case Using the Model

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