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Classified Advertising 

Classified AdvertisingClassified Advertising in Trial

Lawyer Networking Ads
AAJ members can exchange information by reserving space in this section if they currently represent injured people in suits involving the issue or product described. The AAJ attorney must be listed as the person to contact.

Products & Services Ads
Attorneys, experts, and others can place ads promoting their expertise and products.

Please call for a list of Classified section headings.


• Prepay for 12 insertions: 15%
• Prepay for 6 insertions: 5%
(Payment for all insertions must be received by the first issue’s closing deadline in order to receive discount.)

$35.00 per line. No agency commissions are allowed.

Printing Specifications
A. Type: 9-point type according to the Publisher’s standard format

B. Line Length: 45 characters per line (A character is any letter, number, figure, punctuation mark, or space between words.)

C. Minimum Ad Size: 4 lines

D. Format: The first few words of every classified ad must be printed in boldface type. The advertiser must designate a section heading, but the final placement is at discretion of the Publisher.

E. Deadline: Classified ads must be prepaid by the schedule deadline in order to appear. (Please see Editorial Calendar.)

High Profile Ad Enhancements

Add impact to your classified ad…
For an extra $100 monthly fee, we box and highlight your ad to make it more prominent in the section.

Contact Instructions
Classified payments should be addressed to:
Finance Department, Trial Magazine
777 6th Street, NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20001
202-965-3500 or 800-424-2725, ext. 8246
Fax: 202-625-9017
(Checks made payable to AAJ.)

Classified ad copy should be addressed to:
Associate Director, Advertising
202-965-3500 or 800-424-2725, ext. 8331
Fax: 202-652-9017

Sales Office: 800-424-2725 or 202-965-3500 •
(Advertising: ext. 8331 • Exhibits, Sponsorships: ext. 8284)

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777 6th Street, NW, Ste 200 • Washington, DC  20001 • 800.424.2725 or 202.965.3500

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