Litigating Traumatic Brain Injury Cases Seminar

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Litigating Traumatic Brain Injury Cases Seminar 

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May 20, 2010 - May 21, 2010
Hotel Allegro Chicago
Chicago, IL

13.75 CLE including 1 hour of ethics

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

  • Normal Brain Function
    Dianne Jay Weaver    
  • What Is Brain Injury?
    -Loss of onsciousness Is Not Required for a Brain Injury
    -How Do We Know There Wasn't a Loss of Consciousness?
    Bruce H. Stern      
  • Mechanisms of Brain Injury
    - Internal Mechanisms of Brain Injury
    -Biomechanics of Impact
    - Focal Brain Injuries
    -Diffuse Brain Injuries
    -The Structure of the Neuron
    -Axonal Injury Without a Blow to the Head
    Gordon S. Johnson, Jr.  
  • Brain Injury is a Process
    Bruce H. Stern          
  • Imaging Studies 
    -Imaging Studies May Be Normal
    - CT—Computerized Tomography
    - MRI—Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    - EEG—Electroencephalography
    - PET—Positron Emission Tomography
    Gordon S. Johnson, Jr.   
  • Brain Injury Symptomatology
    -Brain Injury Symptomatology—Laundry List
    -Measuring Attentional Problems
    -Sleep Disturbances
    Michael V. Kaplen    
  • Emotional Issues
    - Depression Has Many Elements
    - The Defense Abuses Depression
    - The Defense Abuses Depression, Cont’d
    -Risk of Subsequent Brain Injury
    -Risk Factors
    -Risk Factors for Long Term Problems
    -Who Is More at Risk for Long Term Problems?
    Dianne Jay Weaver        
  • Neuropsychology
    Bruce H. Stern        
  • The Lineup of Experts in a TBI Case      
    Kenneth B. Goldblatt
  • Ethics in a TBI Case
    -The Nightmare Cases You Must Try to Avoid
    -Ethics of Firing a TBI Client
    -Ethics of Settling a Case with a Frontal Lobe Patient
    Karen K. Koehler, Antonio M. Romanucci  
  • Understanding the Vulnerable Client
    -Pre-Morbid Risk Factors
    -Converting a Causation Defense to Element of Diagnosis     
    Gordon S. Johnson  
  • Exposing the Pseudoscience of Defense Biomechanics
    Mariusz Ziejewski, Ph.D.     
  • Post-Traumatic Vertigo
    Timothy Hain, M.D.        

Friday, May 21, 2010

  • Direct Examination of a Plaintiff’s Expert
    Charles G. Monnett, III 
  • Behavioral Neurology
    Marc E. Hines. M.D. 
  • Panel Discussion
    -Loss of Earning Capacity After a Brain Injury
    -Understanding the Impact of Frontal Lobe Deficits
    -Attentional and Emotional Challenges and Synergism of these Deficits in Causing Disability
    Gordon S. Johnson, Jr.,  Anthony M. Gamboa, Jr., Ph.D., Marc E. Hines, M.D., 
  • The Life Care Plan—Understanding the Full Extent of the Daily Needs—How
    Much is Too Much?
    Thomas P. Routh
  • Neuroimaging 
    Randall L. Rozek, WI     
  • Defense Experts—The Predictable Defenses you Will See
    -Somatoform Disorder
    -Causation Defenses
    Gordon S. Johnson, Jr.  
  • Deposing the Defense Neuropsychologist
    Joseph C. Wu, M.D.   
  • Pediatric Brain Injury Case
    Patrick Donohue   

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